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Zhongshan Zhanhui Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd.

Zhongshan Zhanhui Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009 in Zhongshan City, which is one of the four tigers in Guangdong Province. It is a solution provider focusing on the automatic production equipment of circular magnetic components, providing professional circular magnetic components to domestic and foreign customers with efficient, low-energy automatic equipment solutions and the OEM services of circular coils. The company has a complete organizational structure and a full staff More than 300 workers, including more than 180 Engineering / development technology and management personnel, accounting for more than 60% of the total number of the company, with excellent development and design ability; we follow the ISO9001 international standardized quality management system, in line with the development principle and high efficiency of science and technology changing fate...



Solution provider specializing in automated production equipment for toroidal magnetic components.
We provide professional, efficient and energy-saving automated equipment solutions for toroidal magnetic components for domestic and foreign customers, as well as OEM service for toroidal coils.


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Our company has always adhered to the quality of development, quality of survival principle, and continue to enhance the strength of the brand

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